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And So It Begins – Birth of a Vintage Erotica Blog

| February 8, 2011

Welcome to Nude-O-Rama, glad you could join me! As befitting the first post, here’s an introduction of sorts.

I’m a collector of vintage erotica and the primary idea behind Nude-O-Rama was to create a place for my various thoughts on the subject, share some of my antique smut discoveries, and possibly even get some discussion going. As a red-blooded male who likes photos of nude women, I also plan to throw in some more modern eye-candy now and then. The goal is to update here several times per week, see what kind of mix evolves and what you readers enjoy.

So yeah, retro smut. I’ve cobbled together a profession of sorts from it. I publish the vintage erotica website DeltaofVenus.com, which began as a labor of love in 2002 and has since gradually expanded along with my collection. Also recently launched an erotica & porn review site, IntelliSmut.com, in hopes of separating the wheat from the chaff when it comes to online porn. When not slinging smut I also moonlight as a writer/consultant/freelancer in the mainstream realm. Dilettante by nature, a blessing and a curse.

My erotica collection begins with the early nude studies of the mid-1800s and runs through the skin mags of the early 1970s – turn of the century French porn shot in backrooms of Paris brothels, Ziegfeld girls and other glamorous art nudes of the Jazz Age, antique smut films of the 1920s and 30s, pinups/burlesque/amateur porn from the postwar years, the Sexual Revolution of the 60s in photos and movies, etc etc. My interest wanes as the 1980s take over but I try to encompass the full range before that.

So that’s about the gist of things for now – please do bookmark and check back, a lot more stuff coming soon!