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Riding In The 60s

| July 30, 2013

Perched upon the object of her desire & riding towards satisfaction in the late 1960s. From an amateur XXX photoset – most likely UK – in the archives at Delta of Venus Vintage Erotica.

Vintage Porn 1960s - Riding Cock

View From The Bottom Of The Bed

| July 24, 2013

She is sprawled in bed and treating us to a rather delectable view, ivory-white ass nicely set off by shiny pink stockings and an unidentified red knit item. And yet this is no sleeping beauty, as she glances back at the viewer with an inscrutable look…

One of a series of multiple girls by the same photographer circa 1970 or thereabouts, from the vintage nudes archives at Deltaofvenus.com.

Vintage Erotica, Rear View

Celebrating The Virtues

| July 16, 2013

A good-naturedly crass erotic postcard from La Belle Epoque era France, with a British assist labeling these fine & obliging ladies as the Three Virtues. May they inspire you to lead a principled life…

From the antique smut archives at Delta of Venus Vintage Erotica.

Vintage Erotica 1800s - Faith, Hope, Charity

Vintage Erotica, Late 1960s – Thank God For AC

| July 11, 2013

Torrid mid-July afternoons can lead to a decidedly hot pussy. This sultry lass cools off hers with a modern home cooling system, though the leather boots would seem to be counterproductive for her purposes (though not for ours).

Most likely circa 1969 USA, from the classic nudes archives at Delta of Venus.

Vintage Erotica 1960s

Vintage Nude 1960s – Garden of Eden

| July 2, 2013

Nude woodland nymph gives a concession to modesty by covering her naughty bits with some foliage (not quite a fig leaf, but it’ll serve). However it must be said her pose could most definitely be described as “brazen”, so we’ll chalk this up to a bit of tease rather than trying to appease the more prudish of her oglers…

Circa 1960s Britain, courtesy of the retro nudes collection at Delta of Venus Vintage Erotica.

Vintage Erotica 1960s - Girl with Fig Leaf