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Sex On The Sofa

| December 16, 2011

Couch sex is always welcome, but you’re certainly limited in terms of comfortable positions (depending on couch size). Spooning is an excellent choice for the situation however. Here she spreads her stocking’d thighs and arches her ass & lovely furry cunt against her lover…

From a 1970s skin mag photoset in the vintage erotica archives at DeltaofVenus.com.

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Some Real Vintage Porn, That’s Right, the Hardcore Stuff

| October 11, 2011

By popular request, here’s some retro porn cumming at you in all its explicit glory. This is part of a series (available in full at DeltaofVenus.com) from an early 1970s French skin mag.

Vintage Hardcore sex, tit fuck

A couple very nice close-ups here – cock sliding into a hairy and oh-so-wet cunt, and another of this satiated girl’s ass and hairy pussy dripping with cum as her girlfriend looks on. Yum!

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