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Michelle Angelo, Photographer

| March 31, 2014

“Hey, my camera’s up here…”

The lovely Michelle Angelo circa early 1970s, courtesy of the classic nudes & pin-ups collection at Deltaofvenus.com.

Vintage Nude 1970s - Michelle Angelo

Legendary 1970s Pin-up – Joyce Gibson

| March 19, 2014

Slender elegance combined with sheer buoyant voluptuosity – that’s Joyce Gibson. She began posing for men’s magazines in the early 1970s, producing countless photosets for periodicals great & small, then disappeared from public eye until resurfacing decades later with a decidedly MILFy purpose. One of my all-time favorites.

This one’s circa 1971 USA, from the vintage pin-ups archives at Delta of Venus Vintage Erotica.

Vintage Nude - Joyce Gibson

La Matadora Erotica

| March 6, 2014

A swashbuckling matadora and her glorious glorious rack in the deserts of Southern California (or is that southern Spain?). Circa mid-1960s, from the vintage pin-ups collections at Delta of Venus Vintage Erotica.

Vintage Nude 1960s - La Matadora

Meadow Nudes Sans Hair

| December 11, 2013

Sometimes pornographic close-ups – when viewed outside their context – can seem almost abstract art, purely shapes and form. This shot almost approaches that for me, there’s a certain symmetry and contrast that works beyond the fact that it’s mainly two girls stacking their tight shaved pussies (uncommon for the 60s!) like so many cords of firewood. Or something.

Circa late 1960s USA (California, IIRC), from the classic erotica archives at Delta of Venus Vintage Erotica. Part of a larger photoset.

Vintage Nudes - Shaved Pussies

The Queen Of Sheba

| November 26, 2013

A bit of Spiderpool-esque Orientalism in the Southern California desert, with this unnamed beauty playing the part of princess or harem girl (it’s not important which, the sense of exoticism is. And the boobs).

From a series of classic 1960s Hollywood nudes in the archives at Deltaofvenus.com.

Vintage Pin-ups - Queen of Sheba

June Palmer Doing Her Thing

| October 8, 2013

The inimitable June Palmer being all shapely & whatnot in an idyllic 1960s outdoor setting. One of my all-time favorite pinups – there are plenty of pretty ladies from all eras, but June’s particular charisma & grace is tough to duplicate. Never an awkward pose or expression, always genuine & lovely. And of course, those tits….

More June and other 1960s models in the classic pin-ups collection at Deltaofvenus.com.

June Palmer - Outdoors Vintage Pin-up

Vintage Nude 1960s – Garden of Eden

| July 2, 2013

Nude woodland nymph gives a concession to modesty by covering her naughty bits with some foliage (not quite a fig leaf, but it’ll serve). However it must be said her pose could most definitely be described as “brazen”, so we’ll chalk this up to a bit of tease rather than trying to appease the more prudish of her oglers…

Circa 1960s Britain, courtesy of the retro nudes collection at Delta of Venus Vintage Erotica.

Vintage Erotica 1960s - Girl with Fig Leaf

Virginia Bell, Nude In The Meadow

| May 7, 2013

One of my favorite vintage pin-ups, Virginia Bell, looking rather busty admist the Queen Anne’s Lace and under the warm summer sun, sometime in the early 1960s.

From the classic nudes collection at Deltaofvenus.com.

Busty Vintage Pin-up, 1960s - Virginia Bell

A Rather Brazen Upskirt Pose, mid-1960s

| April 16, 2013

Frilly dress, no panties, and a less-than-demure seated pose on the front steps = “giving the lads a show”, as they say.

Circa mid-1960s, from the classic nudes collection at Delta of Venus Vintage Erotica.

Vintage Nude 1960s, Upskirt Hairy Pussy

Vintage Nudist Girl, Early 1970s

| April 11, 2013

Cute girl stretches nude in the warm California sun, circa 1970 or 1971. One of a series of retro nudist photos at Deltaofvenus.com.

1970s Vintage Nudist Girl - Natural Breasts & Hairy Pussy